How We Can Help

First ask yourself why?

Maybe you are charged for every telephone call asking advice?

Maybe they are not explaining the accounts in a way you can understand them, profit & loss bear no relation to how your bank balance reads and as for the balance sheet, what’s that?

Maybe you feel they are not delivering the best value for you and your business.

Maybe you feel like just another set of numbers rather than someone your accountant actually want’s to help.

We don’t charge by the hour and actively encourage you to ask questions however daft they may seem – to quote Carl Sagan

“There are naive questions, tedious questions, ill-phrased questions, questions put after inadequate self-criticism. But every question is a cry to understand the world. There is no such thing as a dumb question”

We love accounting and we know how much useful information is available within the accounts – however it is usually hidden behind jargon and legal phrasing.

We pride ourselves on explaining what the figures actually mean to your business and how you can use them to get more of what you want.

We started off trying to be the cheapest accountants around (see our homepage) but soon found out that this is a false economy – after all there is little point saving £100 on your accountancy fees if you end up paying £500 more in tax or, worse still incurring penalties from a ‘cheap’ accountant cutting corners.

We now aim to be the best value accountancy practice in Bristol. We feel strongly that your accountant should be your preferred business advisor and should be thinking of ways to help you be successful, after all, if you are successful we will be also.

Having said that if you are looking to hide profits from the taxman then we would ask you to go elsewhere – our name may be cheesy but our ethics are not!

You went into business to provide your services and make a profit. More and more government regulation keeps coming down the line and you probably feel like you're drowning in paper. You probably also worry if you have done things correctly as the horrible ‘weasel words’ of Self-Assessment mean that you need to work out how much tax you owe – with the tax code being an stupendous 11,520 pages long how on earth can you be sure you are complying with this and still have time to run your business?

All the time you spend with this you could be spending on your business or with your family. Now you have to ask yourself will you be better off with an accountant, well we cannot guarantee anything but we will say that a good accountant should save you more than they cost you. This is because accountancy and tax is what we do, we know the pitfalls and opportunities, and we are experienced in how the tax system works, what accounting information actually means and how it can be used to get what you want from your business.