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Please take a moment to note the new address ... We are very happy to accept documents at the new address, by Royal Mail or in electronic format. ** Our telephone number remains the same **

It's been a busy and complex couple of months for Discountants.
Not everything has gone to plan at times but the future is looking bright and interesting !.
Jon had Intended to move on from being "The Boss" and work within another, larger company but following some wonderfully positive and humbling feedback from customers he has decided to keep Discountants as a company and continue to work with customers directly.

We have moved from the Gloucester Road office and Jon is now working from home. This has afforded him an unexpected amount of flexibility when it comes to working with clients and some exciting additions to services are set for 2017.

We'd like to thank our clients for their continued support, through all the changes happening and take a moment to welcome potential new clients to the business.

Formed in 2006 Discountants aimed to provide the cheapest accountancy service (hence the cheesy name).

We soon realised that cheapest was not necessarily the best for our clients, and now strive offer the best value accountancy services in Bristol.

We have found many accountants can appear disconnected from their clients, hiding behind jargon and forgetting that behind all businesses there is a person, with very real hopes and fears.

Jonathan gets a kick from helping their clients navigate the challenges and trials that owning a business can bring, which is why we he loves his job. As such, at our core is an approachable and good humoured team, passionate about helping you succeed.

We have been implementing many changes within Discountants, bringing on board software packages and best practises to further add “the extra mile” we insist on giving our clients.